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Colon Hydrotherapy 

Constipation, whether caused by lifestyle, nutrition choices, dehydration, a less than perfect internal structure or illness and medications, is an additional source of many health problems. Colon irrigation as part of an over-all therapeutic plan is a valuable procedure that will activate the body’s self-healing process. By cleansing the bowel of impacted stool and plaqued mucus, a more efficient means of waste elimination and nutrient absorption can begin to take place. 

This procedure is also the first step towards normalizing the colon's healthy bacterial balance and keeping the colon safe from putrefaction. These factors are essential to any rebuilding process and lasting rejuvenation.The Physical Health Complex uses both the Dierker vacuum and the Hydro-San Gravity systems. Both units meet and exceed all state and FDA standards. They are gentle and effective closed systems. This means that fecal matter being released flows directly through the waste hose into a view tube and on into the sewer. Consequently, there is no 

odor involved. Colon irrigation when properly done is not painful nor dangerous and it does not feel like an enema. No pressure is nor ever should be applied to the abdomen. Should I need to get a specimen to the lab for examination, my primary system allows me to capture it. There are no large instruments used internally and no tubing is pushed through the bowel.As your physician, after your BP has been taken and we have had a thorough medical, surgical, nutritional, supplemental and prescription consult, I will need to do an abdominal palpation and bowel sound exam. Your pulses from an Oriental Medicine perspective will be taken and your sclera, gums and tongue will also checked. The final determination regarding the safety of proceeding is a gentle rectal exam which is also done by your physician. Then a properly sized small speculum will be comfortably placed in the rectum and the procedure will begin. A very small amount of water is slowly infused into the colon and then water and waste is gently vacuumed out. In this manner we gradually work our way through the colon softening and removing the old debris. Three to five sessions are usually required to cleanse all 5-6 feet of the large intestine, to re-establish the healthy bacterial balance your body requires for improved function and to re-educate the muscular structure. If medically indicated and prescribed, medication, coffee, wheat grass, aloe, 03 or probiotic infusions can be done. The entire procedure takes place while you are lying comfortably on a customized treatment table, properly gowned and covered by a drape. Electrolytes, probiotics, nutrition, chewing, fluids, exercise, and “home-work” are addressed each and every session.Because we specialize in bowel rehabilitation and accept patient referrals for: Obstructions, Impactions, Atonic & Irritable Bowel Syndromes, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, BE studies, Colonoscopies, Yeast/Candida, Over/Under Weight, Chemotherapy Issues, GURD/Bloating/Burping/Pressure, Diarrhea, Allergies, Mold, Lyme, PMS, Metabolic Issues, Drug/Alcohol/Smoking/Heavy Metals Detox, Recurring Infections/Parasites, Skin Problems/Acne/Psoriasis ------additional sessions, with the concurrence of your referring physician may be required. It is expected that you will leave the Physical Health Complex with “home-work” assignments between sessions. Working together with a well-defined goal is your assurance that all objectives will be met in a timely manner. Just as your teeth require daily and periodic attention so do many digestive and bowel issues. Maintaining wellness is your key to longevity.

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