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China’s rich cultural heritage remained unbroken for thousands of years. This allowed an ongoing evolution of the vital and unique principles and knowledge that form the heart of traditional Chinese medicine. This process has led to  

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine 

The use of acupuncture and drugless substances in healing has been practiced in China since antiquity. The rich body of knowledge that evolved over the millennia remains an integral part of the healthcare system in China today despite the introduction of Western drug therapy.

Chinese doctors give acupuncture treatments and write herbal formulae today based on principles and formulae that were developed hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. 

the development of a written tradition of impressive scope and unequaled value.

A historical bibliography of Chinese medical works would contain over 5,000 titles. From the Han period forward, the production of Chinese herbal medicine and the practice of acupuncture was an official part of the Chinese government. For more than 900 years, until the Ming dynasty, there was a government operated system of Chinese medicine, however, acupuncture and herbal 
medicine did not solely develop under the auspices of the government. Family traditions, producing professional healers, flourished. The continuity of the Chinese language and culture allowed for the unbroken development of a coherent system of diagnostics and therapeutics and left us a treasure house of information about the indications for and uses of Chinese medicine.
Modern times have seen acupuncture and herbology integrated into the modern healthcare system in China. Chinese hospitals have departments devoted to traditional Chinese medicine as well as Western medicine. Working independently but cooperatively, each maintains the theoretical structure necessary for the effective practice of its own method of healthcare. Success is often achieved by one method when the other has failed.

In the last two decades, the United States has seen a resurgence of all traditional healing systems. Chinese health care, including acupuncture, Qi Gong, therapeutic exercise, massage, nutrition and Chinese herbology has become increasingly accepted and utilized by the American public.

The task of integrating and refining traditional Chinese medicine to meet the needs and nature of modern Americans continues. Armed with finer access to the rich heritage of Chinese healthcare and increasing clinical experience, American practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese healthcare are able to continue this great medical tradition.

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